During the integration of an acquired product line, it was desired by a mid-size medical devices company to update the product manual and provide the manual in additional languages.  It was also desired that several languages be added to the capability of the software and the graphical user interface (GUI) of the instrument. Dellshire resources completed the required translations from English to five foreign languages for the instrument operator’s manual as well as the software GUI.  Prior to start, a Translation Verification project was completed on the software including 210 (42 x 5 languages) screenshots used in the Operator’s Manual and 155 screenshots (31 x 5 languages) generated from 7 common error messages; 90+ legacy issues were identified with the translations that were completed and implemented by the founder company. Operator’s Manual branding updates and translation display edits were completed on 14 foreign language manuals; Service Manuals were updated similarly.  These changes allowed the company to increase sales in foreign markets they currently enjoyed with other products.